Electrical and battery operated milking machine

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The Electrical and battery operated milking machine of Sridevi Traders will extract the milk from the four teats equally at a time so the cattle will recognize the difference of the milking and also the cattle has to adapt to the machine to its daily practice so it will take 8 to 10 days for a cattle to adapt fully to the machine. Suppose if there is any 100ml to 150ml of milk has not been extracted finally, you have to create the vacuum pressure up to the same -400PSI or -15PSI and pull the junction box downwards or keep the hand on the square rubber which is in between the tap and junction box and press downwards so that milk will be extracted fully. Most important point to be taken This Vacuum machine is advised to use for only soft teats and not for hard teats in both cows, buffalos and goats.

Brand Name
Sridevi Traders
Product Name
Electrical and battery operated milking machine
Maximum Vacuum Pressure
500.00 pounds_per_square_inch
Operating Vacuum Pressure
15.00 pounds_per_square_inch

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